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Red Shoes Accounting offers a well-heeled payroll service

Red Shoes Accounting provides a complete, flat-fee, payroll service whatever the size or complexity of your business. 

Zoe Slocombe, our Payroll Associate, provides answers to a list of frequently asked questions about our payroll service and explains the benefits to your business. 

Why should I use the Red Shoes payroll service?

By appointing us as your payroll agents you will not only receive an excellent payroll service but a great connection with all our experienced and knowledgeable team members.

We can process new starters and leavers, generate P45’s, process student loans and perform many other payroll tasks to save you time and effort.


What is included in your Payroll service?

We will process your payroll each month, send the RTI data to HMRC and report any pension contributions if needed. We will provide you with detailed payroll reports and secure payslips for your employees. We also provide a great service and a dedicated professional payroller that you are able to speak with at any time. If you have any questions or queries, we will always help.


Do I still have responsibilities to HMRC when I am using a bureau to manage my payroll?

Employers are still responsible for the overall compliance of their own payroll.

By being a part of the Red Shoes services, we make it much easier for you to stay compliant with HMRC. For example, all changes to employees’ tax codes, student loan, etc. are sent by HMRC direct to us, as your agent, to be applied each month. We will always provide help and guidance with all areas of HMRC requirements and new legislation.


 How quickly can we process your payroll?

We are very efficient and will make sure your payroll is processed in a timely manner. Payrolls will always be processed when you need them and if for any reason the date needs to be changed, we will always accommodate this. 


What information must I have from a new employee before I pay them?

For all new employees you will need the following;

"              Full name

"              Date of birth

"              Home address

"              National Insurance Number

"              Identification such as passport or driving licence and proof of address by seeing a utility bill or similar proof

"              A copy of the employees P45 or completed P46


What happens if we want to change something after the payroll has been run?

Not a problem, if you contact us, we will make any amendments and re-issue payslips and summaries. If changes need to be paid or errors are found after pay day, we will make sure that any adjustments are made the following month where possible.


Can I have electronic payslips?

All our payslips are sent out electronically with password protection. It is then your decision as to whether payslips are sent to employees directly or through yourself.


If I have a question regarding payroll, who do I contact?

If you ever have any questions or queries, we are always available over the phone or via email. We will also make sure that we answer your question as quickly as we can. 


One of my employees is have problems with their tax, what can I do?

If there are ever any problems regarding an employees’ tax, it is always best in the first instance for them to contact HMRC directly. As a payroll agent, we are not able to call HMRC on behalf of an employee. HMRC should be able to answer any questions. If the advice provided by HMRC is still unclear or if the issue is still unresolved then do not hesitate to contact us here at Red Shoes.


What is the difference between Gross and Net pay?

Gross pay is the full amount you are paid each pay period before any deductions are made. The Net pay is then the amount you receive into your account once all relevant deductions for that period have been made.


What happens if the pay date fall on the weekend or bank holiday?

If this is the case then you will usually be paid on the closest working day, for example if your normal pay date is the 25th and this falls on a Saturday, you would then be paid on the Friday before.


My new employee doesn’t have a P45, what should I do?

In this instance, they can complete a P46 form to indicate whether they have been in previous employment. This will ensure they are not put on emergency tax, until HMRC send their normal code through


I think my tax code is wrong, what should I do?

The best thing to do in this situation is to call HMRC. They will have all your pay records and be able to make any amendments. We are unable to change tax codes without notification from HMRC


I want to opt out of the pension scheme, how can I do this?

You would need to contact your pension provider to opt out, once you have done so, your employer should receive notification and amend your payroll record.

If you would like to discuss your Payroll requirements then please Contact Us