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Red Shoes Accounting Steps Up to Support the Volunteer Centre in Ely

In today's interconnected world, community spirit is more important than ever. And when it comes to stepping up and offering a helping hand, Red Shoes Accounting proves that businesses can make a significant difference. This time, we have partnered with the Volunteer Centre in Ely (also known as VCAEC Voluntary & Community Action East Cambs) to provide valuable support in the form of pro-bono accounting services.

The dedicated team at Red Shoes Accounting has taken on the task of keeping the Volunteer Centre's accounts up-to-date through bookkeeping. They'll also produce monthly management accounts to ensure financial transparency and efficient operations.

A Wider Impact for East Cambridgeshire

The VCAEC covers the whole of East Cambridgeshire and plays a vital role in assisting the elderly and disabled members of the community. Their initiatives, such as the car scheme and gardening scheme, offer essential services that directly impact the lives of those they serve. However, the VCAEC's reach extends even further. They also support other local voluntary organisations in their quest to secure funding, training, and opportunities for networking. Additionally, they are the Volunteer Centre for East Cambridgeshire, connecting volunteers with roles that match their skills and interests.

A Win-Win Collaboration

Red Shoes Accounting's assistance is set to benefit the VCAEC significantly. Angela Haylock, the CEO of VCAEC, expresses her delight, stating, "We currently do not have the resources to enable us to carry out a bookkeeping role. This is a vital role that will help us get back on track to a more even footing." The collaboration aligns with Red Shoes Accounting's commitment to giving back to the community, an approach led by Victoria Cooper, Principal Accountant. Victoria shares, "We're thrilled to support the Volunteer Centre in Ely. Community involvement is one of our core values, and we're happy to contribute to such a worthy cause."

Lis Every, Trustee for VCAEC, is also delighted with the news and said: "Red Shoes Accounting's kind offer releases some of our time to be more effective and efficient and raise the money that we need to keep our volunteer services going."

A Promising Future and Call for Support

The Volunteer Centre in Ely has ambitious plans for the future, with a growth trajectory over the next three years. As they work diligently to uplift their community, they also seek the support of individuals and businesses. Their call for volunteers encompasses roles as car scheme drivers and volunteer gardeners. Additionally, donations and support for essential items can be found on their Amazon wish list. For those seeking assistance or interested in lending a hand, they can get in touch with the CEO, Angela Haylock, at

As businesses and individuals across East Cambridgeshire unite to uplift their surroundings, it serves as a heartwarming reminder of the impact a caring community can make.